Sunday, 28 April 2013


I thought i would show how my toiles looked as a collection and the changes i had to make that were recommended to me.

Colour Changes??

After talking to my tutor about my colours just before i went to buy my fabric she wanted me to consider different colours

Instead of :
She Wanted :
 To be honest i'm not too keen on the whole peach and yellow as i love the pop and brightness of the green, i know that they probably look better together but i do prefer the green to the yellow.

Coloured Final Designs...

Having spent a couple of hours colouring my image on Photoshop to see if i like the overall outcome of my colours together.

Fabrics And Colours??

Because i am doing high street i need to make sure my collection is very trend lead, and one of the trends i want to follow is the colour trends! i chose to follow Diaphanous, but i also chose my own colours. When market researching i found a group of nail varnishes from Estee Lauder 

These were the colours i now wanted as my collection, i have always used dull colours so i thought i would go out of my comfort zone and choose something bright.

Design Stage....Final Designs???

So after hating my whole concept and wishing i had done something different because i could not find any motivation in doing this i decided with the little amount of research that i had i should try and start designing and see if i get any good designs out of it. In my old college/ University we deigned differently than in this one and i was finding it difficult to do completely different designs instead of just developing them with slightly different changes. But after a few days of trying to come up with different designs i finally chose my final 5. 

Autum/ Winter Or Spring/Summer???

Originally I was suppose to be doing Autumn/Winter for my season, but after finding it hard to mix the idea of comfort and 18th century, and the heavy fabrics that i was intended on using, i have decided to change to spring/ summer as i feel the draping that i wanted to include in my designs wouldn't drape very well with heavier fabrics. 

Plus because i am doing high street my collection has to be very trend lead, and i could not find a trend that would mix well with my concept so deciding to change helped with my collection staying on trend.


When looking into the 18th century i didn't want to go for the obvious big dresses, so I looked into the different outfits and silhouette for different events/ hobbies, I also tried to find any type of comfort in the 18th century because it was known as the comfortable decade for corsets even though they still seem pretty uncomfortable to me. The only thing I could find that was comfortable was the chemise, which was worn over there corsets before the outer garments were worn or for bed. 

I thought I would insert some images that have inspired my design development.

With looking at the 18th century I also found the interior decor of the houses were stunning so I looked more into those I drew ideas for dressed from them.


This is my 3rd and final year at university and we are to produce a graduate collection on anything that inspires us. I found this pretty difficult because my friends who have moved with me to Leeds already had an idea of what they wanted their graduate collection to be about, and me being me had no clue at all. So when the time came to tell all our peers in a group discussion about what we were doing I simply told them i had no idea yet, my tutor asked me what inspired me, and i told her comfort in clothes and she also asked what i was writing for my dissertation and it originally started of as fur trade in the 18th century: aesthetic or function (this later changed slightly) so my tutor suggested i look into 18th century fashion. So that is where this collection began!