Thursday, 31 May 2012

Final Photos From Photoshoot...

so i went from 190 photos, to these 12 and i can not get it down to the final 4 so we will have to have a final 12 haha.

I would like to thank my friend abbie for being my model and Charlotte for the photography

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Behind the scenes of the Photoshoot...

These are just a few shots behind the scenes of the photoshoot

It was such a fun day and I loved it so much! this is something i would love to do again! 

Scouting Out A Location...

So on Thursday after college, i went out looking for a good location with trees and possibly a lovely back drop behin this 4 pictures were potential places

 We ended up using this location for one fo the outfits, but the shadowing from the trees were covering her face to much so we moved closer to the water which was just down a pathway.


8:00 - Wake up and collect all the garments, shoes and anything i would need before hand
9:00 - Abbie arrives so we can do hair and makeup
10:00 - Leave to drive to the loaction
10:20 - Arrive at location, Walk to find the Scouted spot
10:40 - Set up And start shoot
10:45 - Start with coat as its the hottest and end withe the coolest because theat is when the sun in highest in the sky
2:00 Hopefully finished by this time, back up and head back to the car.

Test Makeup

For the makeup I orginally wanted a red band across the eyes or the red hand war paint on the face but decided to change my mind, because I thought that when getting changed and the weather was scheduled to be a hot day, and the makeup would move and sweat off. So i decided on a medium dark eye, with a natural lip. I decided to have a tets run with the makeup,

i didnt want the makeup to be the vocal point on the photoshoot as the American Indians wouldnt of wore makeup at all.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Update On Final Collection

I wanted to post some photos of my collections so far, its been a while since i have updated you on my progress. So here are the 6 collection main pieces, some are not completely finished.
 Outfit 1: the fur gilet is completely finished i just have to do the leggings and the embroidery on the belt!
 Outfit Two: Day Dress Is completely Made I just need to do the embroidery on the hem, sleeves and belt.
 Outfit Three: The Basics Of Everything is done Apart from making the waistcoat more fitted and the fur trim on the bottom. and i have to hem the turtle neck.
 Outfit Four: The poncho is made i just have to finish the embroidery! and make the skirt in the same coloured fabric as the turtle neck.
 Outfit Five: So this is the back of the dress it is completely made, i just have to do embroidery on the hem, sleeves and around the neckline and done the back.
Outfit six: The Coat needs hemming and the lining fitted to the wrists. and the belt needs embroidery as well.

I am so excited with how my collection is coming along! it making me really anxious for the fashion show to be here already. There are only a few weeks till the fashion show so hopefully my poor fingers wont suffer to much when doing all the embroidery!!