Wednesday, 1 February 2012


So on monday the 30th of january i received a letter through the post from Kirklees college about my interview. so i opened it and as soon as i read the date i felt immediately sick and lightheaded, it was only 9 days away on the 8th of febuary. as fast as i could i texts my friends who also applied asking them what the date of there interviews were if they had got there letter yet. i later found out that my 3 other friends interviews weren't until the 21st of February, this really baffled me and made me even more nervous, i got to the point where i thought i wont be able to do this interview, i'm that nervous (and a little pissed off because we all entered basically on the same day). if i was feeling sick and dizzy over a letter what was i going to be like at the actual interview.

so i carried on reading about what the interview will entail and i saw that it would last 2HOURS  What !!!! i was so shocked i couldn't imagine talking for that long about why i wanted to enter that college.  so once i had calmed down yet again, i carried on reading and i also found out that i will be taking an english free writing exam and an english/maths assessment!! i am doom!!!! first off i failed my english exam in college and had to re take it, i don't mind the assessment because if its like the ones i've taken before its not bad! 

i was reading the list of the things i needed to take with me, and its a lot to try and get done in 9 days,... i am working really hard on my portfolio right now, i have never written something about art history or costume and it says something about that and i also have to take a garment in of some sort. i'm super stressed and i know i'm going to mess up this interview one way or another.

i was getting so worked up about it i actually started crying, which is stupid because its only a interview but i have basically a fear of them! there scared the hell out of me! so my friend alex has decided to come along with me for moral support even though her interview isn't till the 21st ,..thank you alex!! 

hopefully this interview goes well and i get into Kirklees college!!