Monday, 12 December 2011

Fur For My Collection...

i have picked up 2 different furs, i am in love with both, one has longer fibres that the other and they are both faux, i would never use real fur as i am against it.

Friday, 9 December 2011

My Collection !!

Today i have decided to draw out a range plan before doing it through illustrator or photoshop! i am very happy with my collection as a whole, i think its pretty strong together and it looks like a collection with same fabrics and prints.

i am super excited to start making and seeing it complete!! 

Catch up !!

I have seemed to forgotten about blogging for 2 months, i don't know how i forgot to blog it just slipped my mind, but no i'm going to update to catch up on everything...
 So here is my wall of inspiration that sits in front of my desk on the wall, it has inspiration images from magazine, books, the internet and drawings.

this helps me with my designs and over al look of my collection.
Next we went to paris for 3 days, during the trip we visited the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Cata Combs And the Sacre Coeur all in one day, my feet hurt so much, i i forgot my batteries to my camera and the ones in it ran out after we visited the Eiffel tower, i did get a few pictures of the Cata combs but it freaked me out a little too much for my liking.

The Second Day we revisited The Notre dame, and we also visited Hussein Chalayan exhibition, i found it very inspirational, i have loved him as designer since doing the National diploma course, we weren't allowed to take any photographs, but watching his runway shows and his inspiration behind it all is fascinating.

The day after we came home and did a vintage fair in stockport Market, i think we did pretty well considering we weren't in the best place in the market, when we took over from the previous student, we changed the store round a bit because you couldn't see some of the better items, after we had done that, we had sold 2 jackets just by moving them on the rail and hanging different garment up! 
i think for this being the first time we have ever done something like this we did alright, i think if we were to do it again in the future we would know what to expect and be able to do better.

When i finally got home from a busy week i had a package at home waiting for me. It was an indian chief war bonnet that i had ordered! i was really excited to find something so authentic looking without it being to high of a price!

 I want make some other headdresses, for my other 5 models but i will be making them myself! this will be part of my backless dress.
i Was then off college for 2 weeks busy with jury service and couldn't get out of it which has set me back so much. i have done my 40 designs and chosen my final 6 with bruce yesterday i will post my final 6 designs later. that was a long catchup but im glad its done !! i am going to try harder to keep up with my blog now !!