Monday, 5 March 2012

Open Day And Interview...

On the 2nd of February, myself, Alex And Leonie, we went to visit Kirklees college for an open day, to see what the college was like, and talk to the tutors about the interviews and the course itself!

Upon arrival, we were offered to go and get a warm drink from the canteen because it was very cold outside, that was the easiest thing to find, after that we had to come and sign in for the open day, we received a bag full of Kirkless goodies and also a dvd from last years fashion show because we were interested in the fashion department.

We were a little early so we had to wait for the tutor to be ready, so we went to look in the art and design department of the college. Some of the work was phenomenal, so creative, it actually made me excited to potentially be part of the college if they encourage your creativity.

Once the tutor was ready she took us to the fashion department which was quiet a maze to find it, this would take me a while to get used to if i got a chance to go here! Samantha (the tutor) even admitted it takes a while to get used to. 

She sat us down around a desk that had a student work on and asked us what we already knew about the course, the proceeded to talk to us about the modules we will be doing and what some previous student have done for that project! what i found most interesting was that they set you up for when you finish the course, so that you have a business plan or academic road to go down and not just left us to defend for ourselves.

After the whole introduction to the course was done she asked if we wanted to see the fashion studios and of course we said yes. Some of the students work was on the mannequins and you can see they really push you to your full potential and creativity.

Once the whole tour and talk was over she asked if we had an questions about the interviews, so i asked if i could move my interview to the same day as both Alex and Leonie. Samantha didn't mind at all, she thought it would be a lot easier as well. We also asked what kind of work she would like to show her, she gave us a list ad this put my mind at ease and because i met her i also had relaxed more about the interview.

Until Interview Day Came....

Dooms Day!! The 21st of february.. also known as interview day. That morning i felt as sick as a dog and really nervous! the night before i hadn't slept much so i wasn't doing so well just yet and i hadn't even left the house! 

On the way we got lost and turned up a couple of minutes late, but samantha wasn't ready anyway so it wasn't too bad, carrying all the stuff was the bad thing and trying to squeeze into a lift instead of walking up 2 flights of stairs with out work falling out of our arms.

Once up to the interview room, she told us what we were doing and we will be waiting in the library as each on has the interview, Leonie was first! at this point i was shaking and starting to get a headache, i was really panicking! after Leonie had come out it was Alex's turn and i was glad so i could ask Leonie what it was like and if its really hard. She Explained it to be like a tutorial with our tutors, so that helped ease my mind a little.

When it was my turn i was a stuttering mess, i tried to calm myself down and explain my work as well as possible. She told me i have elements of my work becoming really creative but at the moment i am too commercial and i need to work on not being so commercial and more high fashion. all being said i got offered a conditional offer as long as i got 60% which i am working hard to get, because i would really love to go to Kirklees college after i have finished my course at Mid-Cheshire College.