Friday, 30 September 2011

In The Beginning... Or Over The Summer

The beginning of my blog, hmm what to say, im not good at putting things down into words. so I guess I should tell you about about my final major project idea. Over the summer I looked into films, and the trends of 2011 and 2012. Then I looked at my favourite books and the tv shows i had been watching over the summer, they all linked together by either having secrets or murder in the plot.
I also looked at Native American Indians and I found this very interesting and wanted to continue this concept into my final major project. My other half of the sketchbook I went on holiday and hiked up a cliff side that had a lot of flowers greenery and amazing scenery. This included a lot of textures and shapes that I decided to put into designs.
After speaking to my tutor Bruce, he gave me the option that having texture and shape as my concept for my collection.
 I wasn't to happy with this concept and i knew that i wouldn't be passionate about this collection if that was my final decision. So i thought if i combined what i found interesting (Native American Indians) with shape and texture then we can both be happy with the outcome.