Saturday, 5 May 2012

Update On Final Collection

I wanted to post some photos of my collections so far, its been a while since i have updated you on my progress. So here are the 6 collection main pieces, some are not completely finished.
 Outfit 1: the fur gilet is completely finished i just have to do the leggings and the embroidery on the belt!
 Outfit Two: Day Dress Is completely Made I just need to do the embroidery on the hem, sleeves and belt.
 Outfit Three: The Basics Of Everything is done Apart from making the waistcoat more fitted and the fur trim on the bottom. and i have to hem the turtle neck.
 Outfit Four: The poncho is made i just have to finish the embroidery! and make the skirt in the same coloured fabric as the turtle neck.
 Outfit Five: So this is the back of the dress it is completely made, i just have to do embroidery on the hem, sleeves and around the neckline and done the back.
Outfit six: The Coat needs hemming and the lining fitted to the wrists. and the belt needs embroidery as well.

I am so excited with how my collection is coming along! it making me really anxious for the fashion show to be here already. There are only a few weeks till the fashion show so hopefully my poor fingers wont suffer to much when doing all the embroidery!! 

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